YOU-NICORN: A 30 day program to find
your inner unicorn

Available April 30, 2018

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The YOU-NICORN Journal is the perfect companion to your journey to find your inner unicorn and build the life you love!

 Whether used independently or in concert with the YOU-NICORN book  (coming April 2018), your YOU-NICORN Journal will help you achieve  clarity about your future, reflect on the things that are meaningful to  you, and build the life you love.

This journal includes: 

  • An introduction on how to keep a journal
  • A quick goal exercise
  • "Ponder this" exercises for you to reflect on prompted topics
  • Gratitude lists
  • "I'm proud of myself for..." prompts
  • Inspirational quotes
  • Fun illustrations
  • Hand-drawn lines (college-ruled)

It's perfect to organize your thoughts, or give as a gift to someone who wants to build a fulfilling life.

What people are saying

Shari, TX

"Clarity, affirmation, a loving kick in the pants... YOU-nicorn magic is  real. Every step brought me closer to the life I’m meant to live.  Danielle Vincent’s fun, fearless, and generous heart shines in this  workbook. You’ll want to shine with her."

Laura, CA

"I’m a firm believer that we never stop learning, and I try to live by  that. But sometimes a firm nudge in the right direction is needed.  YOU-NICORN provides that nudge with equal parts humor, honesty and  encouragement. It helped me dig really deep to see what my obstacles  were (relationships chapter, anyone?), and provides clear guidance on  how to overcome with some laugh out loud AND 'AHA!' moments. I  originally read it because hey, who doesn’t want to become their  favorite mythical (or is it?!) beast, but the solid help it provides in  figuring out life’s many tangly arenas isn’t just magic—it’s real."

Russ, CA

"How could I resist? This is a fun, engaging, easy, and worthwhile book  that really helps one see the possibilities that are right there in  front of you. It's the kind of book that you'd find yourself coming back  to again and again!"

Is You-Nicorn magic for you?

Are you ready to turn your life from meh to marvelous?

Do you grab for -- but always seem to miss -- that elusive dream life you know you deserve? Do you love coloring and expressing your creativity, discovering yourself, and reading laugh-out-loud, cry-out-loud books?

Heck yes you do!

Get ready to IDENTIFY your dream life, and JUMP START YOURSELF on the road to get there.

If life is a map, and YOU ARE HERE, we're going to find the way  to get where you want to go. We're gonna barrel through Tenacity Valley,  and over “Don’t Give a Damn” Mountain Pass, and the bus is fueled with  your vision for the rainbow-dancing unicorn you know you have inside  you! Unblock yourself by identifying self-limiting beliefs and dissolving  them with powerful affirmations. Gain confidence as you identify your dream life, and make an actionable plan to achieve it. 

You don't have to know what you want. This book will help you find the path to building a satisfying life.

What IS the book?

It's a fun and engaging illustrated book to be completed in 30 days, with one exercise per day.

Every day includes a thought-provoking (and often funny) lesson, perhaps some illustrative stories, and room to complete the exercises associated with the chapter. The exercises take between 10 and 40 minutes.

What ISN'T the book?

It's not a planner. It's not a new time management strategy. It's not a  journal. It will not give you rock-solid abs in 30 days. It will not  call your mother for you (though it may get you off the hook for not  calling her).

It's really fun, but it's also really thought-provoking. It's playful, yet important.

Why do you need this book RIGHT NOW?

Time is tickin’ my friend

We’ve got no time to lose here on this massively and rapidly spinning planet, and as far as any of us know, we have only one life… and that life is confusingly and unpredictably brief. It’s a tough truth, since most of us have a lot more to do than we’ve done, and we’re running out of time to do it.

Just the other day, a truck crossed the double yellow lines into my lane, and my first thought was “OMG NOT NOW! I’M STILL WORKING ON MY BOOK!” Thankfully, he swerved and I narrowly missed having a messy draft published posthumously.

What “but I haven’t…” flashes into your mind when you are faced with your mortality? Gone to India? Eaten petite fours in Versailles? Made peace with your family? Written a screenplay? Heard the scrambling of dachshunds at a wiener dog race?

It’s important. It’s important not to let more days sneak by while you’re doing something mundane just to pay the bills or fulfill some externally-designated obligation.

Read what people had to say

Zeina, NY

"I love the bite-size nature of the content and tasks, and while it’s  very manageable and bite size it’s still incredibly impactful. A great  starter set to explore areas you might need to dive into."

Nicole, WA

"I love it! Very inspiring!  It combines self-discovery with a coloring  book. It feels like having a fun, supportive and challenging  conversation with a mentor who is also a caring friend."

Diana, Netherlands

"Keep going it is fun, and it is a work book with assignments so it's  hands n instead of just reading a nice book that's a great plus. You  make things happen in your life and you do it all by yourself (and a bit  help of Danielle A Vincent ;))"

Bonita, TX

"It is hard and I think that is the point.  My biggest joy is I gave one  to a friend in crisis and she is really getting some great self  perspective an can see how changing on the inside always changes the  environment around you.  I am having a rough time also and this has  really helped me keep in track and feel that I can still live a great  life and how to refocus when needed.  I got several friends the book so I  have 2 groups going.  It is really keeping me up to speed.  I am a  bipolar with a mechanical heart and I am working and living and finding  my joy so ...that is a thing.  The people around me have stopped giving  me that 'look' we all know the one.  I am sad that people are dropping  out of the group and I hope they really do try again.  You gotta plant a  seed if you wanna get a rose right?  I myself am mining for gold just like Neil Young."

Pixerelli, TX

"I am not even finished and I am recommending this book to everyone!  Everyday is laid out so perfectly, and the examples are great. I feel  that each day, I learn so much more about myself! Some of it is hard  work, but I promise it is SOOOOO worth it! ... I look forward to finishing and I  cannot wait for everyone to commit to it for 30 days!  I am also excited  to see how I feel a month after completing it. I am pretty sure many of  these things I will continue to do daily in my life. I also look  forward to revisiting the book in a year or so and completing it again. I  LOVE THAT THIS BOOK EXISTS! THE WORLD WOULD BE A BETTER PLACE IF  EVERYONE COMPLETED THIS BOOK!""


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