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Basic Info about YOU-NICORN


  • Full Title: YOU-NICORN: 30 days to find your inner unicorn and live the life you love
  • Release Date: April 30, 2018
  • Author: Danielle A. Vincent (the "A" is for "Awesome"... no, not really. It's for  "Amelie")
  • Publisher: Happily Ever After Press
  • Availability: Through Amazon and select booksellers and gift shops (to be announced - click here if you want to be one)
  • Genre: Self-help / Personal Transformation
  • ISBN: 978-0-9994392-5-8
  • Pages: 274
  • Price: $16.95

Fun facts!


  • In November, Danielle and Happily Ever After Press did a Kickstarter for the limited edition workbook version of the book and exceeded our goal by nearly 300%!
  • Danielle drew all the illustrations herself (she is not a professional illustrator... think Allie Brosh).
  • YOU-NICORN is Danielle's first book. In her other careers, she owns Outlaw Soaps and does consulting work for Mozilla.
  • Danielle is an expert on Naked Mole Rats, the hive-dwelling, under-earth mammal. No, really. She knows everything (don't get her started).
  • She had lunch with Oprah Winfrey and yes, she totally is as wonderful as you would expect. Even more so.
  • Her natural hair color is blue. (ok, this one's a bit of a fib)

Less fun, but still pertinent, facts


  • Danielle is based in Grass Valley, California (in Gold Country, between Sacramento and Reno).
  • The book will be available in print, Audible, and digital form (after April 30)
  • YOU-NICORN's social media hashtag is #younicorn.
  • Danielle is forming coaching groups to help people get through the book together.
  • YOU-NICORN is roughly 275 pages long and includes about 150 illustrations.
  • All the illustrations, as well as excerpts from the book and high res cover shots, are available for you to use.
  • Free advance review copies are available upon request (form is at the bottom of the page).


High res? Low res? Oh yes.

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In brief...

YOU-NICORN is a book with 30 days of exercises (to be done  sequentially or not, it's up to you) to find your inner unicorn and live  the life you love. The exercises are designed to help you find and  eliminate your limiting beliefs, get inspired to create your dream life, forgive yourself and others, and find rockstars to share your life  with. Yes, I know it's a big promise, but I think you'll find that it  delivers (and is also fun).

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Book overview


YOU-NICORN book synopsis

YOU-NICORN is an illustrated self-help book, organized into 30 sequential exercises, intended to be completed at a rate of one per day. The book is in four parts, with six days of action steps, and one rest day per week.

The book is written in a playful manner, while tackling (sometimes) challenging topics. Many people have reported life-changing effects from the book.


You'll re-embark on the adventure of a lifetime: YOUR LIFE (already in progress). In the first week, we'll look at how strong you are, evaluate what success means to you, as well as check out some habits that may be holding you back.

Part 2: It's an inside job

In the second week, we'll deep dive into some attitudes and limiting beliefs that are probably stopping you from living your fullest life. And then we'll --BLAMMO-- break those suckers down.

Part 3: Relationships

In the third week, we'll learn "The Angry Person's Forgiveness" (don't worry, it's pretty fun!) and build our team of supremely awesome unicorns!

Part 4: The tool kit

In the final week, we'll do some fun goal-setting exercises so you can identify the next steps in achieving them! And we'll add to your tool kit with meditation and journaling.

Sound fun and interesting?

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What people say

Zeina, NY

"I love the bite-size nature of the content and tasks, and while it’s very manageable and bite size it’s still incredibly impactful."

Nicole, WA

"It feels like having a fun, supportive and challenging  conversation with a mentor who is also a caring friend."

Russ, CA

"It's the kind of book that you'd find yourself coming back to again and again!"

Shari, TX

"Clarity,  affirmation, a loving kick in the pants... YOU-NICORN magic is  real.  Every step brought me closer to the life I’m meant to live."

Laura, CA

"It helped me dig really deep to see what my obstacles were (relationships  chapter, anyone?), and provides clear guidance on  how to overcome with some laugh out loud AND 'AHA!' moments."

About Danielle


Danielle left her corporate life at the Oprah Winfrey Network to start a small handmade soap business and become a writer.

Her mission is to help people live their richest, fullest, and most unicorny lives possible.

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Her career has spanned industries and job titles, but has one common  thread: results-based achievement through the application of my unique  skills. She speaks the language of the content team, the legal team, the  tech team, the design team, and the marketing team, and have been able  to translate each to the others. She builds relationships and foster mutual  respect wherever she goes.

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Other Projects

Danielle's career has far exceeded the bounds of office life. She has contributed to the GoDaddy Garage site and Pyragraph Magazine, and been interviewed on several podcasts (mostly for business advice).

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Pull quotes


Excerpts for press use

If you'd like more, or would like a PDF of the whole book, please reach out using the contact form at the bottom of this page.

“Life can be so much more than surviving. And damn it, I think you deserve so much more than just survival. I want you to look that trauma in the eye, and say, ‘I survived. I’m still here.’”

“Life can be a full-on rainbow dance of celebration through what we can only assume is a finite and ever-diminishing span of our lives. We must not just walk forward, we must dance forward!”

“You deserve to thrive. You deserve to dance.”

“You aren’t a messy person. You aren’t a drama queen. You aren’t a loser. You aren’t an alcoholic. You aren’t a lawyer. You aren’t broke. You aren’t any one thing.

You can do things, and you can repeatedly do things. But that doesn’t make you those things.”

“When we stop caring what other people think and start pursuing our own happiness, we give other people something really solid about ourselves to get to know: We give them us.”

“There are only two places to go from here: forward, or backward. And you don’t want to go backward.”

Other Assets

Photos of Danielle

Danielle Vincent at a reading

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Danielle loves podcasts

Self-Employed Happy Hour

Danielle being interviewed

When Danielle Vincent  left her job at Oprah to start a soap-making business with her new  husband, more than a few folks thought she was, well, crazy. Six years  later, Outlaw Soaps  is a success, propelled largely by Danielle’s high-level marketing  chops and time management skills. She has just written a new book, “You-Nicorn: 30 Days to Find Your Inner Unicorn and Live the Life You Love.” Peri talks with Danielle about forging her own path and her passion for targeted, data-driven marketing.

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Indie Business Network

Danielle Vincent for Indie Business

Danielle sells her products on her branded website, and also at Whole  Foods Markets. She has also invested considerable resources in selling  on Amazon. This episode treats you to a behind-the-scenes look at how  Danielle and Russ, her business partner husband, keep things humming in  their business. It's also chock full of resources and tips you can use  on your own entrepreneurial journey. Enjoy my interview with Danielle  NOW!

Listen here

Creative Entrepreneurs Online with Christine Laureano

Danielle Vincent Goals

I love Danielle’s brand (and I love her sudsy creations Hair of the Dog may be one of my faves.)

And, I LOVE that she embraces goals the way she does. You ll hear in our  conversation that creatives don't always go the goal route it's more  like flying by the seat of your pants.

Danielle proves all us creative wrong you absolutely CAN create goals that don't make you feel  pinned down, out of integrity, or like you're headed into corporate culture mindset.

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