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  2. It makes a wonderful Mother's Day gift (May 13th, 2018).
  3. It's a great graduation gift (June 2018) for grads who are looking to find their place in the world (like a more practical Oh, the Places You'll Go).
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  7. Early reviewers of the book reported that strangers kept trying to buy their books off them (no, really, this is a true story). To say it has shelf appeal is a criminal understatement.
  8. The fun cover and illustrations make this a self-help book with spirit. It makes people happy. Don't you want your customers to be happy? Of course you do!
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Basic Info

Full Title: YOU-NICORN: 30 days to find your inner unicorn and live the life you love

Release Date: April 30, 2018

Author: Danielle A. Vincent (the "A" is for "Awesome"... no, not really. It's for  "Amelie")

Publisher: Happily Ever After Press

Availability: Through Amazon and select booksellers and gift shops (to be announced)

Genre: Self-help / Personal Transformation

ISBN: 978-0-9994392-5-8

Pages: 274

Price: $16.95

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Professional Review



"A guide promises to help readers get out of ruts and start living more authentic, fulfilling lives.

At age 35, Vincent looked like she had made it, at least professionally. She had a six-figure job at the Oprah Winfrey Network, but her work didn’t excite her, and her personal and inner lives were the 'equivalent of a stagnant pond.' So she embarked on an intense journey of self-discovery and self-help and was able to turn her life from ho-hum into something far more satisfying. Now, in her manual, she offers a crash course for others who are looking to change their lives but aren’t sure how or where to begin. Vincent freely (and refreshingly) acknowledges that many, including herself, are skeptical about self-help mumbo-jumbo and openly declares that 'this book is for cynics.' But she nonetheless urges readers to give her monthlong program a try, tackling a single chapter and its accompanying action steps per day. Each short, easy-to-digest section focuses on a different challenge or roadblock, such as success, mental health, friendships, forgiveness, and meditation, and the daily steps are meaningful but not so ambitious as to be overwhelming. Rather than demanding that readers transform their lives overnight, the author suggests low-commitment but still impactful activities like writing down a situation they’d like to alter and brainstorming solutions or putting together a list of daily affirmations. The result is a sort of 'Whole30' diet for life, a plan meant to jump-start readers on the path to wellness. The author’s own experiences deeply inform her spirited, offbeat work, which gives the advice an idiosyncratic feel—she delves into managing road rage, discusses 'esoteric magic items' like talismans and 'bath spells,' and explains how Dreiser’s Sister Carrie inspired her attitude about work. It’s a bit of a wild ride at times, but her sheer enthusiasm, combined with her quirky, conversational style and the volume’s charming, uncredited illustrations, makes this an enjoyable and often thought-provoking read. 

A frank, funny self-help book perfect for those who view the genre with a healthy bit of skepticism."

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What people say about you-nicorn

Zeina, NY

"I  love the bite-size nature of the content and tasks, and while it’s very  manageable and bite size it’s still incredibly impactful."

Nicole, WA

"It feels like having a fun, supportive and challenging  conversation with a mentor who is also a caring friend."

Russ, CA

"It's the kind of book that you'd find yourself coming back to again and again!

Shari, TX

"Clarity,   affirmation, a loving kick in the pants... YOU-NICORN magic is  real.   Every step brought me closer to the life I’m meant to live."

Laura, CA

"It  helped me dig really deep to see what my obstacles were (relationships   chapter, anyone?), and provides clear guidance on  how to overcome with  some laugh out loud AND 'AHA!' moments."

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