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Access to our members-only Facebook coaching group, where I'll post the daily exercises in a supportive, positive group environment

Access to the full video goal workshop

What is the book?

It's a fun and engaging illustrated workbook to be completed in 30 days, with one exercise per day.

About The group

I want you to succeed in doing all the steps of YOU-NICORN, and the best way to do that is to connect with a group of likeminded people. Studies show that people who have a support network and a structured lesson plan achieve results more than people struggling to do programs solo.

Your success is so important to me that I'm organizing coaching groups to help you get connected with other positive, amazing people like you, who are working to improve your perspective and make plans for a more awesome, fulfilled life.

It's the perfect time to get clear on your goals and dissolve what's standing in your way... and meet some really amazing people at the same time!

The coaching group is included in the price of your book, whether you buy the book from here, a bookstore, or Amazon.

Register for the course today, so you can be among the first to receive this special book that will undoubtedly be a transformational experience for many. Join us!

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A transformational experience awaits

Fun exercises!


Every day includes a thought-provoking (and often funny) lesson,  perhaps some illustrative stories, and room to complete the exercises  associated with the chapter. The exercises take between 10 and 40  minutes.

The illustrations are made for coloring, because coloring is fun! The book is both fun and insightful... just like you! 

This book isn't...


It's not a planner. It's not a new time management strategy. It's not  a journal. It will not give you rock-solid abs in 30 days. It will not  call your mother for you (though it may get you off the hook for not  calling her).

What will you uncover?

What will you uncover?

Early readers of the book have told me they've experienced an "opening up" of their creative channels just by doing the exercises in the book.

What is waiting for you?


Laura, CA

"YOU-NICORN provides that nudge with equal parts humor, honesty and  encouragement. It helped me dig really deep to see what my obstacles  were (relationships chapter, anyone?), and provides clear guidance on  how to overcome with some laugh out loud AND 'AHA!' moments."

Roxanne, CA

"I'm at a turning point in my life and 'YOU-NICORN: A 30 day workbook to  find your inner unicorn' has been the perfect resource. I appreciate the  way the book is structured, paced and written. It's thought-full,  personal and witty. And the tools are incredibly helpful."

Shari, TX

"Clarity, affirmation, a loving kick in the pants... YOU-nicorn magic is  real. Every step brought me closer to the life I’m meant to live.  Danielle Vincent’s fun, fearless, and generous heart shines in this  workbook. You’ll want to shine with her."

Krista, CA

"Reading this book and working through its whimsical, yet highly  effective, steps is like hanging out with your best friend, who also  just so happens to be helping you find your passion and joy. Danielle is  a highly gifted writer and I am confident her book speaks to and  benefits many different types of people, and promotes personal growth in  a painless, enjoyable manner!"

Suzanne, CA

"I don’t use the phrase 'that changed my life' liberally... All of a sudden I saw exactly what I wanted to do, and where I wanted to  go with my business, life, and family. I also really appreciated that  it covered all aspects of life. I did the Goal Writing workshop to gain  focus and tools to increase my income and jump start my business, but  was reminded that life is all things; health & body, family,  community, travel, downtime, personal goals as well as work goals."

Angela, NY

"I consider myself lucky that I was chosen to be in the pilot class for  Danielle's book, You-nicorn. The book is well written, concise and easy  to read.  The 'homework' exercises are quick and easy to do, but also  helpful and thoughtful.  I found myself thinking about the small changes  I needed to make during the day and making them."

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